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State of Emergency

Tonight the Council declared a state of emergency in San Carlos as it relates to a high pressure Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) gas pipeline. What does this mean, and why was the action taken?

Georgia Jack for Sequoia Union High School District Board of Trustees

The Sequoia Union High School District does a decent job. But it could do much better, for more of our young people. It needs to focus on improving student outcomes, not just test scores, by harnessing a resource that today gets short shrift: classroom teachers. As every high tech and…

Cameron Johnson for San Carlos City Council

Everyone has their own way of deciding which candidates to support. I just ask myself a simple question: is this person someone who can help build us the future we want? Because while it’s coming at us whether we like it or not, we still control how the future unfolds,…

Grassroots Done Right

Monday night’s Council agenda includes deciding what to do about re-building Crestview Park. That’s an interesting topic in and of itself*. But it won’t be the most interesting part of the Council’s discussion, at least for me. No, that’ll be something which will be brought into the chamber by a…

Hold the Makeup!

I was offered the opportunity recently to be interviewed on 1 on 1, a Peninsula TV show airing on cable channel 27. The host, Dani Gasparini, and I had a good time talking about some significant San Carlos issues. And I didn’t have to end up dealing with makeup :).…

Who’s Doing Oversight Is Less Important Than How Oversight Is Done

At the June 10, 2013 Council meeting we’ll be discussing a proposal from a group of sister cities about revamping the board which oversees the South Bay Waste Management Authority (SBWMA). The Authority is a joint powers authority (JPA) which operates the Transfer Station located just north of San Carlos…