Gun Store Moratorium: Speaker Stats

I thought there might be some interest in the statistics of the people who addressed the Council during public comment on the gun store moratorium. Here’s the information in chart form.

First up, residency status and how that was related to whether or not the moratorium was supported or opposed (supporting the moratorium meant “I want the Council to keep new gun stores from opening while we consider updating local gun store rules and regulations”):

Or, in percentage terms:

“Not disclosed” means the speaker did not indicate whether or not they currently lived in San Carlos. By law, the Council cannot require speakers to provide that information, although we can, and do, ask for it, and the vast majority of speakers offer it.

Basic takeaway: San Carlos residents who addressed the Council overwhelmingly wanted a moratorium put in place. Of what opposition to a moratorium there was, most of it was from out of town (my gut tells me that most of the people who didn’t disclose their residency probably didn’t live in San Carlos…because if they did, they’d believe that citing that would enhance the impact of their opposition).

Looking at biological gender is also interesting:

And in percentage terms:

In addition to this information, anecdotally there was a significant age-skew in support vs opposition to a moratorium. The average opponent appeared to be noticeably older than the average supporter.

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