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Covid-19: 3/20/2020 Notes

I don’t have notes from today’s County conference call to share. But here are a few pieces of information (new to me, at least) that may be of use to others. Call 211 for Information and to Report Covid-19 Related Issues The County is asking people not to tie up…

Covid-19: Notes from 3/19/2020 County Briefing

Here are the notes from today’s conference call. Please note that I wasn’t on the call. We’re rotating participation among Council members out of Brown Act concerns and will be shifting to a straightforward subcommittee after next Monday’s Council meeting for the same reason. Report from John Beiers, County Counsel:…

Covid-19: Gardeners

Yesterday I posted some notes from the daily County conference call which mentioned that questions involving gardeners were a hot topic on the County help line. But it wasn’t clear from the discussion how the latest shelter-in-place regulation applied to gardeners. Today I learned the answer from city staff (the…

Covid-19: Notes from 3/18/2020 County Briefing

The County Manager’s office is holding conference calls with representatives of all the San Mateo County city councils every weekday. It’s does a great job of keeping local elected officials in the loop on what the County — who has the primary role in responding to local public health crises…

Covid-19: Reaching Out to Neighbors

Not that people need a guide on how to write a letter, but here’s what Barbara & I distributed to our block earlier today:

Covid-19: San Mateo County Tightens Assembly Rules

The following just came across the San Mateo County Alert System (SMC Alert; you can join it online). Emphasis added and a minor formatting error in the Spanish language version corrected. On order of the health officer, gatherings of more than 50 individuals are prohibited in San Mateo County effective 12:01…