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State of the City 2019: Development Decisions

This is the second of several extracts from the State of the City address I gave last March which I’ll be posting. This one focuses on how development decisions are made, how development policies are set, and advice on when community members can have the most impact on future developments…

Dealing with Power Shutoffs

At its October 28th meeting the Council directed staff to schedule, expeditiously, a discussion of steps our community should consider to deal with the “new normal” of power shutoffs. San Carlos, like almost all cities, has emergency/disaster plans. Unfortunately, the widespread adoption of mobile telecommunications technologies, despite their tremendous day-to-day…

Holiday Celebrations

I’ve seen quite a bit of discussion online about the city’s stance regarding holiday celebrations, specifically the Eucalyptus Avenue ones that traditionally occur on Halloween and for Christmas. I thought it would be helpful to share what I know about what the city has done recently. Let’s start with the…

State of the City 2019: Economic Powerhouse

This is the first of several extracts from the State of the City address I gave last March which I’ll be posting. This one focuses on just how significant the Bay Area economy is as a result of how interconnected the region is with the rest of the world economically.…

Special Neighborhood Events

There’s been a discussion on NextDoor recently regarding rule changes the city made affecting “street celebrations” in San Carlos. The thread centered on the Eucalyptus Halloween event but by extension also included the Christmas/Holiday Light event also held on Eucalyptus. The city has not changed the rules governing these kinds…

State of the City Redux

Just a refresher post pointing at the State of the City address I gave back in March that addresses, in more detail, the background behind San Carlos’ current development outlook, and the choices we can make as a community about it.