My name is Mark Olbert, and I’m a member of the City Council in San Carlos, California. This is my site for staying in touch with my constituents.

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Community Foundation Update

For the last six months resident volunteers have been working hard to set up a new community foundation aimed at improving the quality of life in San Carlos. At last night’s Council meeting they presented an update on where they are in the process and where they plan to go.…

Gun Store Regulation

This is a letter I recently mailed to Governor Newsom, Senator Jerry Hill and Assemblymember Kevin Mullin. Dear Governor Newsom, Senator Hill and Assemblymember Mullin: I currently serve as the mayor of the San Carlos City Council. However, I am writing you today as an individual Council member, not on…

Development by Right, EIRs and Liberty

This is a lightly-edited version of an op ed I wrote which was published in the San Mateo Daily Journal on Friday, April 12, 2019. You can find the Daily Journal item here. I recently attended the San Carlos Planning Commission meeting where the Environmental Impact Report process for a…

I’m Having an Effect!

As close followers of the City Council know, I’ve asked that staff and my colleagues refer to me as “the chair of the Council”, or “the chair”, rather than “the mayor”. That’s because the overwhelming majority of my responsibility is to coordinate and run the meetings — chair them —…

Chair’s Remarks on the Year Ahead

The Council chair (aka mayor) traditionally offers thoughts on the year ahead when he or she is appointed. I chose not to do that last December because three Council members were stepping down, and three new Council members were being sworn in, and I didn’t want to shift the focus…

Happy Holidays 2018!

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