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Plans, Consultants and Permit Reviews

Recently a resident expressed concern about having to pay for an expert to review plans for a change they wanted to make to their home. This was after they hired a different expert, at the City’s suggestion, to prepare the plans they submitted for the permit application. That struck them…

Holly Street Redux

Ben Fuller, President of the Greater East San Carlos Neighborhood Association (GESC), recently published a post on NextDoor about the changes the Council made to no parking hours along Holly Street between Old County and the 101. Because NextDoor, by design, isn’t broadly accessible, and the issue may be of interest…

Holly Corridor Traffic Congestion

On Monday, July 14, 2014, the Council approved further restrictions on parking along the Holly Street corridor between Old County Road and Industrial Road. Previously, parking was not allowed from 7 to 9 AM and 3 to 6 PM on the eastbound side and from 4 to 6 PM on…

Walking Away

This post was published in the San Mateo Daily Journal on July 7, 2014 as an op ed piece. Last week the San Carlos City Council, on which I serve, opted not to move forward a proposal to swap properties with the San Carlos School District. The deal, part of…

There Will Be Better Days Ahead

Last night’s vote to kill the swap – and set up our community to deal with worse traffic, overcrowded school sites and less athletic field space – marks a sad, unfortunate and unnecessary chapter in San Carlos history.

Details Matter

I was recently asked about my endorsement of Measure AA, the Mid Peninsula Regional Open Space District’s June, 2014 ballot initiative. The measure, if approved, would raise about $300 million to fund high-priority projects, supplement current revenue to expand public access and create, improve and maintain preserves, trails and natural areas. It would also…