The Value of Hanging On

2004 101

I’ve heard a number of people, including staunch Democrats, questioning why Senator Feinstein stayed in office rather than retire. Some assumed she or her staff were simply desperate to hold on to power.

I didn’t know the Senator so I can’t answer the question. But I believe she was actually doing us — the non-crazy people who want a better life for everyone living in these not terribly United States — a favor.

Granted, there was desperation involved. To amass and hold onto power at all costs. But it came from our good friend Mitch McConnell and the Grand QAnon Party.

Feinstein held a critical position on the Senate Judiciary committee, enabling Democrats to begin offsetting the extreme conservative tilt the GQP had imposed on the Federal judiciary. Now that Feinstein has passed away that all comes to a screeching halt.

Why? Because McConnell has broken a long-standing Senate protocol allowing the use of unanimous consent to fill committee vacancies. Instead, all replacements must pass a Senate floor vote.

And the GQP are past masters of the filibuster, which forces simple majority votes to become supermajority votes requiring 60 votes to break the filibuster.

This is sad but not surprising. The GQP is dedicated to preserving power at all costs. They don’t care about representing everyone, or giving everyone a decent shot at life. They are only interested in protecting their own.

But it still sucks. Lincoln must be rolling over in his grave.

Thank you, Senator Feinstein, for working to protect us all. I may not have always agreed with you, but you were one of the good guys. Requiem en pace.

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