Gee, and It’s So Easy to Get Your Facts Straight!

I’ve recently been challenging Alexander Kent on his housing stance. He’s a candidate for the San Carlos City Council, on which I used to serve.

He apparently doesn’t deal well with criticism :). That’s okay, although, if he does get elected, I hope he finds a way to do so. Because being an elected official entails dealing with a lot of criticism :).

But I got a real chuckle out of a message he sent me via Nextdoor. Here was the title:

No wonder you didn’t get reelected. Give it a rest, bully.

Now, I might argue what I was doing in my earlier posts wasn’t bullying. After all, pointing out where one disagrees with a politician, even an aspiring one, is essential to the political process (I seem to recall it has something to do with some Constitutional amendment :)).

But what’s really funny about his message is the first sentence. Because while it’s absolutely true I wasn’t re-elected in 2020, that was because I chose not to run. Having served 19 years in office by that point I wanted to focus on other things, like retirement :).

Now, it’s certainly possible that if I had run, I would’ve been voted out of office. That’s always a possibility, and it’s one of the reasons why we have elections.

But Kent’s phraseology is highly suggestive of a very different conclusion on his part.

One which demonstrates he knows so little about the recent San Carlos political situation that it makes me wonder what else he doesn’t understand :).

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