Alexander Kent: Deleted

Mr. Kent asked me to delete this post — which only concerned his run for the San Carlos, California, City Council in 2020 — for personal reasons.

Given that my opinion about his candidacy for local office is now irrelevant, I’ve decided to accommodate his request.

2 thoughts on “Alexander Kent: Deleted”

  1. LOL! As a general rule that’s impossible to avoid unless one is always willing to write tomes about issues.

    So, what things do you believe I oversimplified? I’m curious.

    p.s. — I enjoyed your tagline…but one of the first lessons I learned in politics many years ago is that one cannot always use “splitting the difference” as a way of making political decisions. Why? Because as soon as, say, I recognize my colleagues always “split the difference” I’ll just go more extreme in what I say I want, let them split the difference with me…and end up much, much closer to where I really wanted to be all along.

    Which is an illustration of a good rule of politics: no approach works in all situations and circumstances :).

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