Not an Opinion I Agree With, At All

Welcoming City Pride!

Well, it finally arrived this afternoon: an email disagreeing with the City celebrating Pride month:

As a homeowner in San Carlos for over 40 years my father X and myself Y as his POA [power of attorney, I think] would like to make a complaint. We both disagree strongly with the Pride banner over Laurel Street and upcoming event and flag raising ceremony on June 21. Celebrating sodomy and other perversions does not represent this community nor is welcome in the “City of Good Living.” Raising children in this kind of lifestyle is not tolerant but borders on abuse of their developing minds and future moral compass.

I don’t understand this, really I don’t. I’ve never understood why some people get so agitated about consensual relationships that they are not part of. How does it impact them, except within their own minds?

Which is, IMHO, not generally the basis for good public policy and sound law. The point of laws is to administer the way we interact with each other, not what we individually think or believe.

If we are going to start regulating what people think or believe, I’d start with outlawing bias, bigotry, hatred and the like. Not how people express love and affection towards one another. Because the world has a surplus of the former, and not enough of the latter.

And so far as the impact on children is concerned…well, let’s just say I feel sorry for any child who grows up in a family environment built on bigotry, bias and hatred. That’s what would really corrupt a young mind.

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