Too Bad, That’s a Neat Looking Knife

I got a letter from the National Rifle Association today. Figuring it might be something directed at me as a Council member, you can imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be just a push poll.

But what a push poll! Some examples of the questions:

Do you support laws that protect your fundamental right to use a firearm to defend yourself and your loved ones from a violent criminal attacker?

Should Congress and the states eliminate so-called “gun free zones” that leave innocent citizens defenseless against terrorists and violent criminals?

Do you oppose any United Nations treaty that strips the U.S. of its sovereignty and gives U.N. diplomats the power to regulate every rifle, pistol and shotgun you own?

The cover letter was also rather over the top:

…and they’re promising to fight on and never surrender until the day they tear the heart out of our Second Amendment rights.

By answering this Survey today, you’re DRAWING A LINE IN THE SAND

Too bad, though; the “free” knife I would’ve gotten for joining looks pretty nice :).

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