It’s Amazing How Many People Think Threats Are a Useful Political Tool

I got this email the other day from someone who shares my last name (not a relative, so far as I know):

From: JBO Von Olbert
Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 10:33 PM
Subject: Thankful !

It was with much distress I heard of your childish “Hell Yes” and High Fiving your fellow
douchebag councilman.

The only consolation is that you are the rest of your gun grabbing idiots are 1500 miles
away [winking face]

Keep your draconian horse shit laws WAY out west my friend to do otherwise would be
most unhealthy !


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I wonder if he actually thinks threatening me will change my approach to regulating firearm stores in San Carlos, or is just indulging in some chest-thumping? Bizarre, either way.

And, for the record: Ron is one of the most decent people I know. Stalwart, too; but decent.

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