Our Friends in Ohio Weigh In!

I received a charming letter from Bruce Varon, of Maineville, Ohio, who’s apparently been closely following our recent City Council discussions about firearm store regulation. You can read his entire letter online, but here’s the most important part, I think:

Obviously a man who believes in speaking clearly and directly, if not cogently. I guess he missed the whole thing about it not being me saying government has the Constitutional authority to regulate firearms, but the Supreme Court, speaking through Antonin Scalia.

I do have to say I appreciated the way he sealed the envelope:

Never let it be said that Bruce isn’t a classy dude!

Anyone interested in writing Bruce can reach him at:

Mr. Bruce D. Varon
Heritage at Miami Bluffs
1695 Calm Stream Lane
Maineville, OH 45039

By the way, while I disagree with Bruce’s understanding of the Constitution, as interpreted by the Supreme Court, I do agree with him on one thing:

No one is above the law.

1 thought on “Our Friends in Ohio Weigh In!”

  1. Eva Heninwolf

    Dear Mark,
    Thanks for speaking your mind, and for responding with humor when speaking your mind engenders this kind of response. Keep going!
    Your Proud Constituent,

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