Money Is More Important Than Protecting Lives?

At tonight’s City Council meeting I asked my colleagues to consider endorsing Proposition 63, Safety for All, a statewide ballot initiative that aims to put a few, simple additional protections into California’s gun regulations, aimed at reducing the potential for mass shootings.

Sadly, only Ron Collins supported the idea. Matt Grocott, Bob Grassilli and Mayor Cameron Johnson decided they didn’t want the Council to consider endorsing the initiative.

Oh, they remarked upon how serious the issue is. But they all thought considering endorsement of this statewide measure would set a dangerous precedent. As well as likely bring some controversy into the Council chambers.

Yet, as City Manager Jeff Maltbie explained, the Council has occasionally taken positions on state initiatives in the past. He specifically cited the Council’s endorsement of measure, 1A… which limited the ability of the state to take tax monies away from cities.

So it’s okay to take a position when it involves filthy lucre. But supporting efforts aimed at protecting our residents, and our children, from being slaughtered? Not important enough.

This makes no sense to me. None. And to hear the Mayor, just minutes later, emphasize how important public safety is to us, and how we consider it job #1… the irony was palpable.

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