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Traffic in San Carlos, and particularly the way people drive, is a frequent subject of emails I get from constituents. Many contact me, or city staff, because they are concerned about traffic speeds in their neighborhood. This often results in the police department deploying our stealth radar tracking system to monitor traffic in an area for some period of time.

Unfortunately, the results of those surveys aren’t readily accessible, since they are a long, tabular report showing how many cars were spotted driving at what speeds. In addition, it’s cumbersome to the point of inaccessibility for anyone to review multiple studies.

Until now.

I’ve written a website which has all the radar studies done in San Carlos since 2012. It lets you select studies through a Google-maps-based interface, and then review various charts summarizing the selected studies. You can also download the data yourself, in a format accessible by almost all spreadsheet programs, if you’d like to do further analyses of your own.

You can find the site at http://speedview.olbert.com. Check it out, and let me know what you think. Please also let your friends and neighbors know about the site, too.

BTW, I’ve noticed a number of things — including the fact that we have a small percentage of people who drive insanely fast on our streets! — which I’m reviewing with Greg Rothaus, our police chief. I’d be interested in hearing your observations as well. I also encourage you to contact either me or Greg with questions about the study results.

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  1. Diane Masetti

    Glad to hear something is being looked at regarding speeding on neighborhood streets. I still have concerns about the two humps, one bump and two turn outs on Cordilleras in about 2-1/2 blocks. There is nothing to slow people down at Belle Avenue where the most walking traffic occurs from Brittan Acres and St. Charles Schools.

    I live in the 1900 block of Arroyo and really think we need a speed bump in the middle of the 1900 block. Drivers come over the rise of the little “hill” there like they are on a race track to get downtown and we have a lot of walking traffic from St. Charles, Brittan Acres and Central Schools that would benefit from some type of slow down for cars coming down that “little” hill.

    Thanks, Diane Masetti

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