New Feature: Q&A Discussions

I typically spend several hours prepping with staff for each of our Council meetings. That way I don’t have to get all of my questions answered during the meeting itself. You can imagine how long those would be if I didn’t! Not to mention how much longer they’d be if every Council member started asking all of his or her questions in public.

Unfortunately, that means you don’t get to see many of the issues I’m considering in making my decisions.

Until now.

Starting today, I’m going to post many of the email exchanges I have with staff on the site, and notes from some of the meetings that I have with them, too. To keep things organized, those posts won’t show up in the normal blog feed. They’ll have their own page, which you can access by clicking on the Q&A link at the top of any page.

I hope this helps give you a better feel for how I’m approaching issues. Enjoy!

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