Georgia Jack for Sequoia Union High School District Board of Trustees

The Sequoia Union High School District does a decent job. But it could do much better, for more of our young people. It needs to focus on improving student outcomes, not just test scores, by harnessing a resource that today gets short shrift: classroom teachers.

As every high tech and biotech executive in the Bay Area knows, top-down directives and rigid thinking are not the way to get the best out of knowledge workers. You need to motivate, direct and engage.

This fall, voters in the Sequoia Union High School District can take a big step along the road to building a great high school system by electing Georgia Jack to the school board.

Georgia isn’t the kind of person to be controlled by employees, or any interest group. She isn’t afraid to push an organization to improve while simultaneously celebrating its successes. She knows how to listen to, and challenge, experts, how to integrate insights from many sources, and how to synthesize it all into a plan for action. In short, she knows how to lead.

Our District needs that. We elected Carrie Du Bois, overwhelmingly, in the last election because we knew our high schools weren’t serving all our children as well as they could. Georgia shares Carrie’s desire to put the focus back on giving all students, not just those on the AP or college track, a first-class education.

Let’s build the kind of collaborative, world-class high school system we’re entitled to. On November 5th, vote for Georgia Jack.

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