Cameron Johnson for San Carlos City Council

Everyone has their own way of deciding which candidates to support. I just ask myself a simple question: is this person someone who can help build us the future we want? Because while it’s coming at us whether we like it or not, we still control how the future unfolds, based on the people we choose to act on behalf of our community.

Cameron Johnson passes that test, with flying colors. I’ve found him to be thoughtful, articulate and not only willing to listen, but quick to evolve his thinking based on what he’s learned.

Cameron sought me out after my 2011 election because I’d been saying we ought to leverage San Carlos’ strengths – it’s central location, great community life, excellent schools, and talented population – to amp up our economic development. Perhaps that outreach isn’t surprising, since he’s been serving on our Economic Development Advisory Commission for years.

But he was the only commissioner who did. Cameron is driven to work with others, even people he doesn’t know, because he understands it leads to better solutions.

Speaking as a resident, that’s the kind of approach I want on my City Council.

I always say I’m happy to work with whomever the community chooses to serve with me. But do yourself, and the rest of us, a favor: elect Cameron Johnson to the San Carlos City Council this November. He can help build us the future we all want.

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