The Art of Compromise

Politics is known as the art of compromise. Tonight the City Council, divided over when and how to hold an election to fill the vacancy created by Andy Klein’s departure, came together on a compromise approach originally proposed by Matt Grocott.

Under the proposal, there will be no special election in November, 2012. Instead, the regularly scheduled November, 2013 election will govern. However, candidates who applied to fill the opening between now and then by appointment will be asked to promise not to run in November, 2013. That isn’t a legally enforceable commitment. But it is a politically enforceable one, in that someone breaking the pledge would have to convince voters reneging on their promise was justified.

This isn’t my preferred outcome. I believe we should appoint someone to serve until November, 2012, and then call a special election to let the voters decide.

But it’s important we put this issue behind us so we can address the important topics facing our community. A compromise lets us do that. Which is why I support it.

My thanks to my colleagues for coming up with something that we could all agree on, albeit grudgingly. That’s okay. Because politics, in addition to being the art of compromise, frequently involves forging equalities of dissatisfaction.

I for one will be glad to get back to moving San Carlos forward!

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