Privacy Policy

I do not share information provided to me on this site with others without the permission of the person whose information I’d be sharing.

With one big caveat required by California law. In reading what comes next please remember I am not an attorney, so if you have specific questions about this you may wish to consult your own.

Almost all discussions and correspondence with a public official on matters within his or her official purview are considered public information and belong to the community. If requested through a Public Records Act request they must be disclosed.

Depending on the circumstances I may or may not be allowed to notify you I have been required to disclose something you’ve sent to me. While I will make reasonable efforts to do so I am under no obligation to ensure you get prior notice of the information’s release.

While this may sound a bit draconian in reality it’s all about ensuring the public can keep on eye on how its government works. I fully support the concept. In fact, as I’ve written about elsewhere, I believe the public would be better served by the Legislature eliminating one of the few constraints on the public’s right to know what’s going on in public affairs.