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One of the great parts of living in the 21st Century — one which none of the pundits when I was growing up in the 60s anticipated — is how ubiquitous data communication, “the internet”, has made it possible to connect everyone to everything, and unleash what I expect will be looked back on as the Second Renaissance.

But it also allows all the madness that used to be hidden away in the cracks and shadows to get on stage, too.

That’s not a reason to turn off or constrict the internet. But nothing is an unalloyed good. In the case of the internet, I suspect we’re all going to have to learn to be far more discriminating about what we “learn” than we’ve ever had to be before.

Because it’s just so easy to learn things nowadays, both truth that will open your mind and garbage that can close it.

That caution is particularly relevant when you remember how easy it is for any of us to indulge in paranoid thinking. Paranoia is a survival trait — that’s why it’s part of the human psyche — but turned loose it can take you down bottomless rabbit holes.

Yesterday I encountered a perfect example of this. The city staff of our community, San Carlos, came across some information from our gas company that suggested a major gas pipeline running through our town might not be as stout as we’d been told. After requests to shut down the pipeline until such time as it could be proven to be safe were rejected by the utility, we declared a state of emergency, filed a lawsuit to declare the pipeline a public nuisance (which would give us greater local control over its operation) and alerted the public.

Our staff’s ability to move quickly, and the highly-connected world we live in, let us put pressure on the utility to get them to agree to shut the line down.

But the morning after the news hit our city manager received a curious email (I’ve redacted the names of the individuals who sent it):

Subject: CALIFORNIA ALERT – City Manager Declares State of Emergency – Against the Utility Company . . BUT WAIT there is MORE to THIS . .

BIG NEWS  – Natural Gas Equipment and Appliances are Being Phased OUT – 

PG&E has created the problem and NOW cities MUST DEMAND GAS LINES BE SHUT DOWN, HUM? . . . Eliminating gas has been the plan all along . . . Understand that, right now, in the planning departments of all cities “Climate Action Plans” are being written with the assistance of the utility companies and public utility commissions to “Eliminate” gas equipment and gas appliances in order to reduce (GHG) Green House Gas and Co2 emissions . . .The city of San Carlos has signed on to this plan (as an ICLEI Member) and is leading the way to reducing the ability for customers to use gas . . Rightfully, the city must protect the residents from the impaired gas lines BUT everyone MUST realize what the BIGGER goal really is . . .to eliminate gas as a consumer resource and reducing energy choices which WILL allow for tighter control and much higher costs for electricity . . .

See the “evidence” below this state of emergency letter to learn about the rest of this story!  Dont’ miss the TV Broadcast showing PG&E caught on film deceiving customers about gas leaks . . .BELOW

[the text of the City’s first press release about the state of emergency appears here]

BIG NEWS  – Natural Gas Equipment and Appliances are Being Phased OUT –

Ever notice how many street closures, in downtown San Francisco, occur that are due to underground gas line leaks?

The elimination of natural gas will explain why PG&E intentionally withheld repairs to the gas manifolds (meters) located on thousands of homes and businesses in Northern California. A PG&E gas employee went to the CPUC and the media when he discovered PG&E’s internal documents that divulged criminal intent.  Here is a reminder of that event:

TV Coverage – PG&E – (Pacific Gas and Electric) in Northern California Finds Leaking Meters But Isn’t Telling Homeowners –

Complete article here:

Excerpts from the article below –

According to the Santa Rosa “Climate Action Plan” and other cities the plans require Energy Star ELECTRIC appliances:

BIG NEWS – This is in Chapter 4-10 of the Santa Rosa Climate Action Plan . . . 

Measure 1.7: Appliance Electrification

Encourage residents and businesses to switch natural-gas- powered appliances to electric power, where appropriate.

Action Items:

Action 1.7.1. Utilize the energy-efficient appliance rebate program to facilitate the replacement of natural gas equipment with electric-powered equipment.

Action 1.7.2. Identify opportunities to implement additional programs that will switch appliances from natural gas to electricity.

Did you know there are NO Energy Star Gas Appliances?  

Did you know that the “Climate Action Plans” or the “Energy Action Plans” ALL Require Energy Star ELECTRIC Appliances?  

Did you know the cities Action Plans say Natural Gas and Coal are Non-renewables?

Did you know residents and businesses are to switch from natural-gas powered appliances and equipment to electric power?

Did you think about why electricity ONLY?  Of course this allows for greater “control” and restricts our choice of energy resources allowing for greater monitoring, higher costs and restrictions . . 

The city action plans “require” all new construction to implement smart meters and Energy Star Electric Appliances and Equipment.

Did you know BIG OIL Companies are shutting down coal and eliminating natural gas use?  This is a battle between the international banking cartels, and we are caught in the cross fire. .well not really.  Actually, the international bankers plan for us is in the “Silent Weapons Quiet Wars” agenda which discusses slavery and genocide.  The smart meter radiation is only part of the bankers silent weapons system to reduce the middle class, which the elites claim is a threat to their sovereignty, and to eliminate the majority of us for easier herd management.  We are being farmed and harvested as “cattle” – you will read this in the “Silent Weapons Quiet Wars”.

Did you know that homeowners will be “nudged” at first to retrofit their homes and businesses with GHG reducing smart meters and RFID chipped, Energy Star Electric appliances?  If nudging doesn’t work then mandatory polices will be put in place . .

Ever wonder WHY our aging underground gas pipeline system is NOT being repaired?  Lack of pipeline repair is why those suffered and died in the San Bruno Gas Pipeline Explosion, providing the story of what occurred, is correct.  Whatever the truth the story is gas lines blew up and we must fear gas lines blowing up under our streets in our neighborhoods . . . FEAR and media propaganda along with division and countless disinformation actors among us are leading us all into falsely created resource scarcity beliefs – which allow exactly what we all are witnessing with ever increasing toxins, lawlessness, no ethics or morals, more corruption and increasing danger to us all.  So, gas pipeline FEAR has been created and when the utilities tell us we MUST all go to electric we will comply and NEVER wonder WHY!

If you read the referenced article — I don’t recommend it, except as a tour of a remarkably unusual mind at work — it’ll take you through a Wonderland of “facts”. Heck, even the Rockefellers get tied into the plot, and I haven’t seen their names linked to a conspiracy theory in years!

In fairness to the author, I suspect that some of what’s stated is fact. But the way it’s all tied together? I’d be willing to bet a large sum of money that’s not valid. Because, if nothing else, as Franklin observed “three can keep a secret if two are dead” :).

Let me suggest a few lessons to be learned here.

First, the ability of the human mind to connect dots which truly have nothing to do with each other into a coherent — at least in the mind of the author — story is unparalleled. Used properly, our ability to connect things we experience is an enormously valuable asset. Among other things, it lets us be superb storytellers, enriching our lives and shaping our souls. But like fire, it’s both a powerful servant and a terrible master. Put another way, don’t let your own mind run away with you :).

Second, it isn’t enough to just let this stuff go. Because our wide-scale connectedness lets it affect the thinking of many other people. Who may reject the specific plot but retain the odor of “something’s not right”. I’m not asking anyone to make it their life’s work to combat paranoia. But, please, when you encounter it, push back. At least point out that you don’t agree with the thinking. You may do the storyteller a great service, by forcing them to check their plot line against reality.

Third, we are all paranoid, because it’s a survival trait. So be on guard when, not if, you start coming up with stories of your own. If nothing else, remember the saying “never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by incompetence”. All actions have consequences, and, as humans, we all make mistakes. That does not mean we live in a universe of conspiracies.

Lastly, this type of thinking isn’t just a product of a particular environment. Many people think you have to be living in a shack out in the wilderness to succumb to it. As an elected official I see enough of it to know it occurs everywhere… including in little old San Carlos. For the sake of your own local community, stay aware of it.

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